The beautiful Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, AZ.

The beautiful Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, AZ.

Our Story

Melissa and Bill Brassow were both born and raised in Arizona. They grew up in the same neighborhood but didn’t know each other until they met at a roller skating rink in Chandler where Bill worked a part-time job. One off night, Bill asked Melissa to couples skate with him and that started the path to a lifelong relationship!

Fast forward 11 years and the high school sweethearts finally tied the knot and got married. Their two girls became dancers at young ages, and like all involved parents, Melissa and Bill bought every picture and video offered of their kids doing their thing. After purchasing one-too-many dance recital videos where their kids were nothing but a small glowing object on a stage that looked like it was a mile away, they decided they could do better! They purchased their first digital camera and started recording and editing the recitals and other events their children were in themselves. Noticing that their videos were of much higher quality than those being offered as “professional” videos, parents started asking if they could pay for a copy. And that is what started Second Star Productions!

Fast forward to today, and Second Star Productions is now a full-service photography and videography company specializing in event media. We have vast experience in shooting everything from weddings to sports and dance recitals to theatrical performances. We also offer portrait photography and corporate and marketing videos. Our goal is to provide high-quality, unique products at affordable prices. We believe that our motto, “Relive the moments that make life great” should apply to everyone. Most of our clients have come to us through word-of-mouth and all are repeat customers.

Our passion for photography and videography is second only to the joy we see in people’s faces when we present their photos and videos to them. We would love to photograph or video record your next event or update your personal photos. So CONTACT US today so we can create a custom product for you to look back on for years to come!

Where does the name “Second Star Productions” come from?

Late one night, Bill was sitting on the couch brainstorming names for their newly found company. He was trying to think of something that was unique and had a personal meaning to Melissa and himself. He was calling out names to get Melissa’s approval but was getting nowhere with ideas like “Arizona Media Specialists” and “B&M Photo and Video”. Now, it is well documented that the Brassow family is crazy about Disney. They love their movies and theme parks, but they mostly love the attention to detail that Disney employs in everything they do. So, Bill determined that Disney had to have some influence in their business name. He pitched the idea “Second Star Media” to Melissa (Second Star being from Disney’s animated movie, “Peter Pan”, “second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning”) and Melissa finalized it with “Second Star Productions”. Now you know!