Sports Video

In the past 10 years, video has become more and more important to sports in every aspect. When you are marketing a single athlete, a team, or an entire organization, a quality video is an essential component to the messaging. Fluid, steady video is also highly important when evaluating a team or individual athlete for coaching purposes. A high angle view of a football team helps a coach close the gaps and a slow-motion video can help a golf coach analyze a golfer’s swing to improve accuracy or better control distance when on the course. And video is useful in virtually any sport. CONTACT US today and let us know what you need for sports video.

Athletic Skills Video

College athletics seem to get more and more competitive every year. If you are an athlete looking to play your sport in college, you need to take every advantage you can to get noticed by coaches and scouts. And an athletic skills video is one of the best ways to show off your skills and get noticed by endless colleges for consideration. It is, by far, the best bang for your buck in your quest to find a team that needs the skills you bring to the table.

Our athletic skills video package includes up to 90 minutes of camera time with up to 2 full HD professional cameras, fully customized graphics and on-screen stats, and a review session with your current coach to ensure we use the best footage so you look your best! Turn around time from film day to final product is approximately 2 weeks. CONTACT US today for pricing and availability.

Game Footage

Quality game footage is, without a doubt, a tremendous tool for coaches and athletes to use to better their performance. We use professional level, high-definition cameras and tripods to capture crispy clean and smooth footage. Our camera operators are all experienced at filming sports and are experts in following the action.

If you need one or multiple games filmed, an entire season, or just some scout footage, CONTACT US today for details!

Promotional Videos

Competition is fierce in sports and attracting quality athletes can be difficult. Showcasing what makes your organization unique through a promotional video is an easy way to spread your message and let everyone interested know what you are all about. CONTACT US so we can put together a promo video package that makes sense to your organization and budget.